Informational searches

These are the searches conducted that are generic.

They are likely to be done by people who want to learn about a particular subject and are not expected to convert yet

In our appliance website example, these queries might be:

  • “How do you clean ovens?”
  • “How do I clean my oven naturally?”
  • “Fridge freezer sizes”

With Google showing more and more “People Also Ask” queries in the SERPs, it is easy to identify and capitalize on these keywords or phrases.

Although the likelihood for conversion at this point in the searcher’s journey is minimal, these are queries that you want to be ranking for.

Having this sort of content on your website gives you the opportunity to put your brand or site in front of the users at the start of their journey.

When you consistently rank for these types of queries, you are placing yourself where your competitors are not.

With Google showing more featured snippets and other SERP features, you can increase your organic footprint while also serving your potential customers needs.

I strongly recommend reading how to optimize for featured snippets and “People Also Ask” in Google.

Nothing is guaranteed but I have found that the more content you optimize for these, the higher chance you have of getting those coveted spots in the SERPs.